A smart beauty regime is one that ensures a glowing appearance, without you having to invest a lot of time into it. In this section, we bring to you some simple to follow, quick and homely grooming tips. We have accumulated these tips, through our experience of over 20 years in the grooming and styling business.


A mild shampoo or a baby shampoo is more advisable for oily hair. Preferably, use ammonia free shampoos.
A hot-oil treatment can help beat frizzy hair. Using deep conditioner once a week and leave-in conditioner on a regular basis can also help iron out those frizzes.
For split ends, dry hair, and frizzy hair you can massage your hair with a mixture of olive oil followed by shampooing and conditioning.
Mayonnaise when applied on dry hair, followed by shampooing and conditioning can work wonders on dry, listless hair.
If you have a penchant for experimenting with hair colours, artificial hair extensions are more advisable.


Apply Neem oil as a moisturizer on dry skin to keep acne and acne scars at bay.
A simple paste made of tulsi and milk can help drive those nasty teenage pimples and nourish the skin.
Honey is a wonderful beauty ingredient. It is good for all skin types and can be used on hair as well. It keeps your skin supple and hydrated and cleanses it of its impurities.
It's tempting, particularly in winter, to take a steaming hot shower every day. However, in the process, your skin is being stripped of precious oils and moisture, leaving it dry, flaky and hard to touch. For soft skin, try to create a habit of showering in cold or lukewarm water.
Soft skin needs to be maintained, but it also needs to be protected. The sun's rays, though beneficial in many ways, can also cause sunburn, a tan and can toughen your skin. Use an SPF protector whenever you go outside.


To harden soft nails, soak them in warm olive oil for about 20 minutes, on alternate days.
To remove stains from your nails, mix one tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of water and soak your nails in this liquid for a few minutes. Then, wash off with warm water and apply a hand moisturiser.
It is not a good idea to remove the cuticles from your nails, as it will make the nail susceptible to infection. Rather, you should make use of good quality cuticle oil and gently push back the cuticles, with the help of an orangewood stick.
Try to stay away from acetone polish removers as much as you can and stick to the ones that make use of acetate. However, as much as possible, try not to use a polish remover more than once a week.
Using glue could damage your nails, even if it is applied on polish layers.